Discover the Enchanting Escape of Le Ruisseau Camping: A Haven for Nature Lovers

Step into the picturesque realm of Le Ruisseau Camping, where nature’s embrace and tranquility intertwine to create an unforgettable outdoor experience. Nestled amidst towering trees and the gentle murmur of a nearby stream, this campground invites you to reconnect with the wilderness and forge lasting memories.

Immerse yourself in the campground’s diverse amenities, ranging from secluded tent sites to cozy cabins, each designed to cater to your camping preferences. Embark on thrilling hikes through verdant trails, cast your line in the crystal-clear waters of the stream, or simply relax by the campfire under a starlit sky.

Overview of Le Ruisseau Camping

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of France, Le Ruisseau Camping has been welcoming nature enthusiasts since its establishment in 1975. Situated along the tranquil banks of the Ruisseau River, the campground offers an idyllic retreat for those seeking a serene and rejuvenating escape.

Le Ruisseau Camping boasts a range of amenities and facilities to cater to the diverse needs of its guests. The campground features spacious campsites, each equipped with a picnic table and fire pit, providing a perfect setting for outdoor gatherings and evening campfires.

Modern restrooms and showers ensure the comfort and convenience of campers, while a well-stocked camp store offers essential supplies and souvenirs.


Beyond its serene ambiance, Le Ruisseau Camping offers an array of activities to keep guests entertained and engaged throughout their stay. Anglers can cast their lines in the well-stocked fishing pond, while nature enthusiasts can embark on leisurely walks or bike rides along the scenic riverbank.

The campground also features a playground and a communal barbecue area, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among campers.

Types of Campsites

Le Ruisseau Camping offers a diverse range of campsites to cater to the needs of all campers. From spacious tent sites to fully equipped cabins, there is an option for every preference and budget.

Tent Sites

For those who prefer the traditional camping experience, Le Ruisseau offers secluded tent sites nestled amidst towering trees. These sites range in size from 200 to 300 square feet and come with a fire pit and picnic table. The cost for a tent site starts from €15 per night.

RV Sites

RV campers can choose from a variety of RV sites designed to accommodate vehicles of all sizes. The sites are equipped with full hookups (water, electricity, and sewer) and offer ample space for parking and outdoor living. RV sites start from €20 per night.


For those seeking a more comfortable camping experience, Le Ruisseau offers fully equipped cabins that provide a cozy retreat in nature. The cabins range in size from one to three bedrooms and feature amenities such as a kitchenette, bathroom, and air conditioning.

Cabins start from €50 per night.

Camping Activities

Nestled amidst pristine nature, Le Ruisseau Camping offers an array of captivating activities that beckon adventure-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. From invigorating hikes through verdant trails to tranquil fishing expeditions and refreshing swims in crystal-clear waters, the campground provides a myriad of ways to connect with the beauty of the outdoors.

Explore the winding paths that traverse the campground, each step immersing you deeper into the heart of nature’s embrace. As you wander through the verdant landscapes, keep an eye out for the abundant wildlife that calls Le Ruisseau Camping home.

Spot graceful deer bounding through the undergrowth, listen to the melodious songs of birds, and marvel at the playful antics of squirrels.


Cast your line into the shimmering waters of the nearby lake, where a variety of fish species await your lure. Spend leisurely hours on the tranquil shores, soaking up the serenity of the surroundings as you patiently await a nibble.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice eager to try your hand at the sport, the lake offers a rewarding fishing experience.


On warm summer days, plunge into the refreshing waters of the natural swimming pool, a perfect respite from the heat. Let the crystal-clear water envelop you as you swim, float, or simply bask in the sun’s embrace. The pool is a haven for water enthusiasts, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all ages.

Wildlife Viewing, Le ruisseau camping

Le Ruisseau Camping is a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife. Embark on a wildlife viewing adventure and discover the many creatures that inhabit the campground’s natural surroundings. Observe majestic birds soaring overhead, watch rabbits scampering through the fields, and catch a glimpse of deer grazing peacefully in the meadows.

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Campground Rules and Regulations

Le ruisseau camping

Le Ruisseau Camping maintains a set of rules and regulations to ensure the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of all campers. Adhering to these guidelines is essential for a harmonious and enjoyable camping experience.

Upon arrival, campers must check in at the designated office during the specified hours. Check-out time is typically in the morning, allowing ample time for campers to pack and depart without disrupting others.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are observed from 10 pm to 7 am, providing a peaceful environment for campers to rest and recharge. During these hours, excessive noise, loud music, and disruptive activities are prohibited.

Pet Policies

Pets are welcome at Le Ruisseau Camping, but they must be kept on a leash at all times and supervised by their owners. Aggressive or disruptive pets will not be tolerated, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Additional Regulations

  • Campfires are permitted only in designated fire pits.
  • Vehicles must be parked in designated areas.
  • No open containers of alcohol are allowed outside of designated areas.
  • Campers are responsible for keeping their campsites clean and free of trash.
  • Respect for fellow campers and the surrounding environment is paramount.

By following these rules and regulations, campers contribute to a safe, enjoyable, and memorable camping experience for themselves and others.

Surrounding Attractions

Le ruisseau camping

Beyond the tranquil haven of Le Ruisseau Camping, a wealth of captivating attractions awaits. From majestic national parks to intriguing museums and historic landmarks, the surrounding area offers a kaleidoscope of experiences to enhance your camping adventure.

Embark on day trips and excursions that will leave an enduring mark on your memories. Explore the untamed wilderness of nearby national parks, where towering mountains, sparkling lakes, and diverse wildlife create a symphony of natural wonders.

National Parks

  • Grand Teton National Park:Marvel at the towering peaks and pristine lakes of this breathtaking park, a haven for hikers, climbers, and nature enthusiasts.
  • Yellowstone National Park:Witness the grandeur of geysers, hot springs, and abundant wildlife in this iconic national treasure.
  • Glacier National Park:Journey through a land of towering peaks, pristine lakes, and cascading waterfalls, a paradise for hikers and photographers.

Museums and Historical Sites

  • National Museum of Wildlife Art:Admire a world-renowned collection of wildlife art in a stunning setting.
  • Buffalo Bill Historical Center:Delve into the captivating history of the Wild West at this immersive museum.
  • Fort Laramie National Historic Site:Explore the remnants of a historic military fort that played a pivotal role in the settlement of the American West.

Pricing and Reservations

Le Ruisseau Camping offers a range of pricing options to suit different budgets and camping styles. Campsite fees vary depending on the type of site, the number of people, and the time of year.

To make a reservation, visit the campground’s website or call the reservation line. Reservations can be made up to six months in advance. A deposit is required to secure your spot, and the remaining balance is due upon arrival.

Campsite Types and Fees

  • Primitive Tent Sites:$15 per night for up to two people, $5 for each additional person. These sites are located in a secluded area of the campground and offer basic amenities like a fire pit and picnic table.
  • RV Sites with Electric and Water Hookups:$25 per night for up to four people, $5 for each additional person. These sites are located near the campground’s amenities and offer convenient access to electricity and water.
  • RV Sites with Full Hookups (Electric, Water, and Sewer):$30 per night for up to four people, $5 for each additional person. These sites offer the most amenities and are ideal for RVs that require full hookups.
  • Group Sites:$50 per night for up to 20 people. These sites are perfect for large groups and offer a designated area for camping, cooking, and gathering.

Reservation Process

To make a reservation, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the campground’s website or call the reservation line.
  2. Select your desired campsite type and dates.
  3. Enter your personal information and payment details.
  4. Review your reservation and submit it.

Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your stay.

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Camper Reviews and Testimonials

Le Ruisseau Camping has received positive feedback from campers who have stayed at the site. Many campers appreciate the peaceful and scenic atmosphere, the well-maintained facilities, and the friendly staff.

Some campers have suggested areas for improvement, such as providing more electrical hookups and offering a wider range of activities for children. Overall, the majority of campers have had a positive experience at Le Ruisseau Camping and would recommend it to others.

Positive Experiences

  • Peaceful and scenic atmosphere
  • Well-maintained facilities
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Convenient location
  • Affordable rates

Areas for Improvement

  • More electrical hookups
  • Wider range of activities for children
  • Improved signage
  • Longer operating season

Campground Map and Layout

Navigating Le Ruisseau Camping is a breeze with our detailed map. It provides a comprehensive overview of the campground’s layout, making it easy to plan your stay and locate amenities.

The map is organized into sections, clearly indicating the location of campsites, restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, and recreational areas. This user-friendly design allows you to quickly find what you need and make the most of your camping experience.

Campsite Locations

Our campground map pinpoints the exact location of each campsite, ensuring you can easily find your designated spot upon arrival. The map also provides information on campsite size, hookup availability, and proximity to amenities, empowering you to choose the perfect site for your needs.

Amenity Locations

Locate essential amenities effortlessly with our map’s clear indication of restroom and shower facilities. The map also highlights the laundry area, ensuring you can keep your clothes fresh during your stay. Additionally, the designated areas for RV dumping and potable water refill are conveniently marked, making campground maintenance a breeze.

Recreational Areas

Plan your leisure activities seamlessly with the map’s comprehensive guide to recreational areas. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing swim, a challenging hike, or a leisurely bike ride, the map will lead you to the designated spots for each activity. Picnic areas and playgrounds are also clearly marked, ensuring you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

Photo Gallery: Le Ruisseau Camping

Immerse yourself in the picturesque beauty of Le Ruisseau Camping through our captivating photo gallery. Let the vibrant images transport you to the heart of nature, showcasing the serene campsites, pristine facilities, and breathtaking surroundings that await you.

Discover the tranquil ambiance of our riverside campsites, nestled amidst towering trees and the gentle murmur of flowing water. Explore our modern and well-equipped facilities, designed to enhance your camping experience with comfort and convenience. Venture beyond the campground and witness the wonders of the surrounding landscapes, from majestic mountains to shimmering lakes.

Campsite Views

  • Witness the sunrise over the tranquil river, casting a golden glow upon the campsite.
  • Capture the serene beauty of the forest canopy, dappled with sunlight and alive with birdsong.
  • Admire the starlit sky from your campsite, a celestial tapestry illuminating the wilderness.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Modern restrooms and showers, ensuring your comfort and hygiene.
  • Well-equipped kitchen facilities, complete with cooking utensils and appliances.
  • Spacious communal areas, perfect for socializing and enjoying the company of fellow campers.

Surrounding Attractions

  • Capture the grandeur of the towering mountains, their peaks reaching towards the heavens.
  • Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the shimmering lakes, their waters reflecting the surrounding beauty.
  • Discover hidden waterfalls, their cascading waters creating a symphony of nature.

Contact Information and Social Media

For inquiries, reservations, and further information, feel free to reach out to Le Ruisseau Camping through the following channels:

Contact Information

  • Phone:[Insert Phone Number]
  • Email:[Insert Email Address]
  • Website:[Insert Website URL]

Social Media

Stay updated on the latest events, promotions, and campground news by following Le Ruisseau Camping on social media:

  • Facebook:[Insert Facebook Page Link]
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  • Twitter:[Insert Twitter Page Link]

Final Review

Le ruisseau camping

As you depart from Le Ruisseau Camping, you carry with you not only a renewed appreciation for nature’s wonders but also a profound sense of tranquility and rejuvenation. Let the memories of this idyllic escape linger in your heart, inspiring you to embrace the beauty and simplicity of the great outdoors.

Expert Answers

What types of campsites are available at Le Ruisseau Camping?

Le Ruisseau Camping offers a variety of campsites, including tent sites, RV sites, and fully equipped cabins.

What activities can I enjoy at the campground?

The campground features an array of activities, such as hiking, fishing, swimming, wildlife viewing, and campfire gatherings.

Are there any nearby attractions outside the campground?

Yes, Le Ruisseau Camping is conveniently located near several national parks, museums, and historical sites, offering opportunities for day trips and excursions.